Paintings by Jolene Lai

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  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    Jolene I think you have a very good conceptual talent. The promise of something wonderful. I offer a suggestion take it or leave it.

    The vast emptiness of art over the last 60 years, or at least since Warhol has come down to one truth. Art has become structured and academic.

    Too many eyes creating too many things from regimented foundations.

    Are you formally trained?

    My suggestion is, now that you have such a strong grasp of developing your images and they have such rich detail.

    All you need to go from "this is well done" to "this is something special" is to remove your sense of symmetry.

    We have yet to see breathtaking new art in the last 60 or so years I have been following the industry.


    Symmetry is the defeat of so many potentially great works. Too much academic constraint. Even when attempting the abstract.

    This particular work is fantastically imagined and executed. Yet, I find there a deliberate balance of color and organization of shapes.

    What you have provided in the doorway and upon the delightful character, carrying through to the small (marbles/beads) speaks to well executed effect.

    However, do you see how the colors never truly get to live due to the restraint of the hues you used to contrast the buildings? This image feels separated, discontinuous and therefore nonmoving. Do you see where the separation is? Was this intentional?

    I hope you recognize objective critique and don’t view this as harmful arrogant insult. I do not know you and am only responding to the art itself.

    It is well done but to be direct, with the constraint of your pallet the highest this picture could be elevated to is Rockwellian.

    The exciting whimsy and invention of the image suggests you have even greater works yet in you. [I hope this is your original work and not just some poster you like]

    Now that you have skill, search for ignoring convention and structure and just using skill in the open.